Auditioning tips

All rehearsals are held at the Armour Street Theatre unless otherwise noted. We had a professor in college who would throw a pen at you if you came too close to the table. Present a professional image. A sense of vocal and physical comfort, skill and expressiveness. Length is not usually the issue, as most auditioners can make a fairly accurate judgment in a very short time.

Working on sight-reading during each daily practice session and in ensemble rehearsals can make all the difference.

Audition Tips

Mantra for the day: The up-tempo and ballad should contrast and demonstrate different aspects of your performance capabilities. So feel free to move around.

Audition Tips

Unless the audition music has been specified, selection of the proper music is certainly one of the most important aspects of any audition process. Design and Technical Interview Tips You will interview with faculty and professional staff members in the program.

I also usually recommend that students not change their repertoire selections immediately prior to an audition, as this will usually only cause them to be more nervous about the process.

Choose material which you understand both intellectually and emotionally, stay with characters close to your own age range, and read the play in its entirety, not just the monologue. But every time, we learned something new. This is very different than picking material based on a belted high note or series of skills you are looking to showcase.

Pick material that is appropriate for you. Run scales, mouth exercises and other warm up techniques taught by your instructors. Use your technique that you have learned and do the best you can.

While most students do just fine, many are quite nervous and often make mistakes they could easily avoid. In addition to musicals, seek out plays, dance, and opera. Directors are encouraged to create rehearsal schedules taking into account the actor conflicts. Slouching and shuffling indicates lack of self confidence.

You will enter through the basement door nearest the gravel parking lot where you will be greeted by our audition assistant. Our bodies are stiff in the morning.

The human brain makes over 27 judgments about another person within seconds of meeting them. After you hit your X, tell them who you are. And they can make or break your audition. With appreciation to our Season Sponsors. Choose a song that showcases your voice.

Audition Tips and Advice

Because the auditors get antsy when you're too close. For musicals, you will be asked to perform your musical selection and then learn and present a dance sequence. For most auditions, I generally prefer to hear one or two short solo excerpts or etudes that have been prepared in advance by the student.

Audition Tips & Tricks for Actors

We all know of students who do well with the required work in their academic classes, but do poorly on exams. You will sign in and be given a numbered audition form. One of the most popular posts in Producer Perspective history was my “10 Audition Tips for Actors” from back in aught eight.

So, following the old Hollywood axiom that says, “when people like something, give ’em a sequel”, I decided to post a follow-up (unfortunately, that sequel thing. Theatre Arts Audition Tips Auditioning always involves a certain amount of stress and tension.

The best way for you to respond to the demands of this situation is to carefully prepare for your audition. auditioning tips Whether this is your first audition or whether you are a veteran, there are some facts that will help you understand the auditioning process. Please review these carefully with your parents: There are several factors that the directors weigh both independently and collectively.

Properly Preparing for a Musical Theatre Audition

Singing auditions are a difficult art to master and we are delighted that Mr Paul Christ, a very experienced music director and music supervisor who has worked on many Broadway and West End shows all over the world, has been so generous to share these great tips for anyone facing a singing audition!

Tips for Auditioning Be prepared. If you are asked to present a song or monologue, prepare your piece well. Memorize your selection and practice it many times.

As a director (who just went through auditions this week) I would add that there is also etiquette in regard to an audtioner’s interaction with the accompanist (in the case of a musical audition). That person can be a singer’s best friend or worst enemy.

Auditioning tips
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Audition Tips: Davidson Community Players