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Each part of the college was stronger because of its association with the others. The privilege of education also entails obligation to others.

The Dartmouth that I came to in was a different school in so many ways from Dartmouth today.

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Not surprisingly, the campus-wide discussion about what student life should look like at Dartmouth encouraged a broader debate about the role of fraternities and sororities, alcohol, diversity, and who should control social life.

King in recognizing the contributions of President Freedman and Mrs. Dickey went on to tell him that he could think of no single instance in his own presidency that had fundamentally changed the college.

At times he felt frustrated and defeated. We should recognize that Dartmouth remains a work in progress. It is good to see all of you, as well as to have community members and other friends join us today. Take on the burden of responsibility instead; it is no lighter, but it surely is more rewarding in the end.

Form or EZ E c enter number organization E a 1 nonexempt charitable trust not treated as a pnvate foundation lj political organization Form PF lil c 3 exempt private foundation D a 1 nonexempt charitable trust treated as a pnvate foundation I-: I hope to work with the deans and with the faculties to strengthen these ties.

Republican Reformers in New Hampshire Investors should carefully consider investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. He sought to reduce both undergraduate class size and the student-faculty ratio, and to raise faculty compensation to be competitive with that at other Ivy League and top private colleges and universities.

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The final decision as to whether or not to replace an index component is taken by the management board of DBAG. I am also fortunate to share this platform with and to inherit the legacies of my predecessors in the Wheelock Succession. While he was reluctant to put too much credence in these types of journalistic ventures, these particular surveys recognized the essential elements of Dartmouth.

It means the opportunity to study with faculty who are committed both to teaching and to scholarship. And the very best students attract an even stronger faculty. Modern social science and the teaching of evolution had appeared for the first time in a college curriculum that was still dominated by the classics.

Typically colleges are primarily concerned with undergraduate education and teaching. Your leadership has led to stronger academic programs, remarkable improvements to the physical campus, an expanded financial aid program, enhanced student life, and increased diversity across the community.

But this cannot be where our responsibility ends. And we will settle for nothing less. We expect the proactive work being done in the area of safety to address some deterioration in key parameters we have noted during the quarter under review.

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Most faculty lived in Hanover and largely spent their days in their offices or laboratories and were avuncular advisers to students on all matters, academic and personal. Dartmouth is enriched by its diversity. Manila. 3 ed. espec. J. Sec.] of Mindoro.

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Aes el eoy 2013 sec 2
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